Hancock County Board to a Hold Formal Hearing

The Hancock County Board of supervisors will meet today beginning at 9 am to discuss a change in the status of a parcel of land from agricultural to commercial. The property is a tower site that the Hancock County Emergency Management intends to use as a communications tower. The tower will also be used by KHAM 103.1fm as a broadcast site. A public hearing will take place to gather public opinion on the matter before the board gives a final determination on the lease of the property.

At 10 am, the board will hold a second hearing, this time a formal one on Drainage District 3 and 4, Lateral 9 and 10. The discussion will center on the repair and improvement of the drainage in the district. The board may opt to approve the engineer’s final plans and specifications on the project. Discussion on the annexation of parcels of land into the district in order to complete the project may be discussed. There may also be a need to reclassify some or all of the district after the work is completed.

Hancock County Drainage Clerk Ann Hinders will present a possible dewatering project and relocation of a pipeline in Drainage District 81. The project is being spearheaded by Northern Natural Gas Company but needs the approval of the board in order to begin.

Finally, the board will hear from ISG Representative Ivan Droessler who will present an engineers report on Drainage District 41. This project involves repairs and possible improvements to the drainage in the district. The board may set a date and time for an informational meeting with landowners. That meeting time will be announced by Monday afternoon.


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