Singing in the Rain is This Weekend at the Boman Fine Arts Center

The Forest City High School Fall Musical Singing in the Rain is Saturday and Sunday at the Boman Fine Arts Center. The plot involves an acting couple whose main work has been done in silent movies. Now with the advent of films with sound, they must learn to act, sing, and dance. The wife has a very annoying voice and cannot sing which further complicates the transition.

The show involves over 80 students in various roles both on stage and behind the scenes. One of the actresses in the show is Meggie Kleveland.

Kleveland is no stranger to dancing on stage.

Part of the set is readied on the stage of the Boman Fine Arts Center

Elijah Weaver is Cosmo in the show. He sees the show as a challenge particularly when it comes to dancing and choreography.

Some of the actors find themselves in roles that are not who they are in real life. Abby Segerstrom is having a lot of fun with her role as Lena, the wife who cannot sing.

Members of the cast run through lines in preparation for rehearsal.

Ryan Kordels plays Don Lockwood, the husband who must make a big change in his acting life, For Ryan, the show and his role is a challenge that he openly embraces.

Singing in the Rain will be performed Saturday at 7 pm and Sunday at 3 pm. Tickets are available at the Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City.







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