North Iowa Schools Report Average ACT Scores

ACT Test scores have been remaining at or above average for area schools. The state average is 21.6 and while some schools have been exceeding that number such as Forest City Community Schools, others such as West Hancock and other area districts have been remaining close to average.

Joe Erickson with the North Iowa Community School District reports that his district is also near that average.

ACT scores are used by students in their applications to many universities and colleges that require them. They demonstrate a student’s proficiency in various subjects such as math and English.  They also take into account students’ knowledge of various sciences.

While many districts strive to try and meet state requirement demands, they will also try to assist in helping the student prepare for the ACT Test. The North Iowa Community School District saw a drop in the test scores over the last two years, but Erickson is being proactive in changing that.

Other districts in the area are taking the same approach in preparing their students for collegiate academic life.





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