Homelessness in Hancock County to be Addressed Friday

Tim Wilson who is the Executive Director for Home Iowa Forward will be at the Hancock County Veterans Affairs office in Garner on Friday. Wilson is an active member of the Iowa Council on Homelessness and presented at the Iowa Veterans Affairs Officers education program in Des Moines. His topic was on how and where to find the homeless.

According to Wilson, homelessness in Hancock County is very low, but he worries that we may not be finding all of the people who suffer from it. Once they are found, are there programs in place that will help them and will eliminate the causes for homelessness?

Wilson will be available beginning at 9 am for about a half-hour to discuss what the State of Iowa has available to help along with ways for the community to be pro-active in preventing homelessness.

The meeting will take place at the Hancock County Veterans Commission Meeting Room located at 545 State Street in Garner.

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