Election 2019: Winnebago County

Today is Election Day and for the first time in the state of Iowa, city council and school board positions will be voted on together. Polls will open at 7 am and close at 8 pm. In Winnebago County, the election looks like this.

In Buffalo Center, John Davids is running unopposed for Mayor. Jared Bechler, Ricardo Garcia, Debra Wirth, Tanner Weaver, and Janell Martini are running for City Council. Voters may cast ballots for up to three of the five candidates.

In nearby Thompson, two men are vying for the mayoral position They are Dan Swearingen and Daniel Newton. Voters can choose up to three candidates for the city council positions. Stacy Willert, Todd Hughes, Cara Chapman, and Troy Fleener are vying for one of three available seats on the council.

In Leland, Russell Leitz is running unopposed for Mayor while Kenneth Steil and Susan Krein are vying for one of three available seats on the City Council.

In Forest City, several elected positions have become available. Barney Ruiter will run unopposed for Mayor. On City Council, incumbent Karl Wooldridge will face Kip Murphy for the At-Large Council seat. Leslie Torkelson will run unopposed for the Forest City Ward 2 Council Seat. Dan Davis will run unopposed for the Forest City Ward 4 Council seat.

The Forest Parks and Recreation Board will have two seats available. Missy Reynolds and Chad Reece are vying for those positions in today’s election.

In the area school district elections, there will not be an election today for the vacant District #3 board seat in the North Iowa Community School District. The board is currently finding someone to fill the vacancy on an interim basis until the term expires on November 2nd next year. Those wanting to be considered should contact School Board Secretary Gwen Mathahs for further details.

The Forest City Community School Board has three positions open. Vying for one of the seats in District 1 are Keila Buffington and Beth Clouse. Kim Severson is running unopposed for the District 4 seat. Gary Ludwig is running unopposed for the District 5 seat.


Polling locations are as follows:

Eden Logan NorwayWinnebago 2-1Eden Township
(EDLONO)Logan TownshipScarville Community Center
City of Scarville
Norway Township
CenterWinnebago 2-2Center TownshipHelgeson Civic Center
(CELM)City of Lake Mills
Mt. Valley Forest D2Winnebago 2-3Mt. Valley TownshipTitonka Savings Bank
(MVFOD2)Except part of Sections 30 & 31
Buffalo Grant-LincolnWinnebago 3-1Buffalo TownshipHeritage Town Center
(BUGRLC)City of Buffalo Center
Grant Township
Lincoln Township
City of Rake
King LindenWinnebago 3-2King Township
(KILI)City of ThompsonThompson Public Library
Linden Township
FC3 Forest D3Winnebago 3-3Forest Township D3Senior Community Center
(FC3D3)Forest City Ward 3



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