Harvest 2019: Winnebago County Reporting Beans Nearly Done

Harvest was in full swing over the weekend in Winnebago County. Most of the focus was on beans as farmers worked area fields to get that crop out first. According to Randy Broesder of the Farmers Coop in Forest City, the bean harvest is winding down.

Early spring rains and late planting have led to a downturn in production according to Broesder.

Corn is just getting started in Winnebago County.

Unlike soybeans where farmers generally cannot harvest round the clock due to moisture concerns on and in the crop, corn will see farmers hit the fields days and night, stopping only due to field condition concerns. As far as the harvest amount is concerned, Broesder says it is too early to tell.

Farmers should have a productive but cold week in the fields to continue the harvest.






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