Challenges Are Met By Students in Forest Citys’ Musical Production

Singing in the Rain is a show that provides a message to both its audience and to its performers. Be prepared for anything and be willing to change to meet the demands of the world. For the actors and actresses, this involves learning choreography, singing in eight-part harmony, and pulling off a character who may be exactly the opposite of you in real life.

Annika Andrews is the new choral director at Forest City High School and she was thrust into the role of guiding eighty students through this process musically.

The music in the show can be tricky with regard to vocal ranges, but Andrews confirms that the students are meeting the challenge.

The music itself requires the singers to work unified as a group. Each section must understand its part in order for the piece to be brought out harmonically.

The show will open November 9th at the Boman Fine Arts Center in Forest City.






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