Forest City High School to Produce Singing in the Rain

The Forest City High School Drama Department is taking on the dance-heavy Broadway musical called Singing in the Rain. The 1952 musical romantic comedy show involves a significant amount of dance numbers, solo, and group singing, and introspection into characters. The essential plot involves actors and actresses who must transition from silent movies to talkies. The principle characters Don and Lina have been repeatedly cast as romantic lovers in all of their silent movies, but now they must perform in the new talking movie musicals. Don can sing but Lina can’t so speech and singing professionals are called in to help.

For Director  Josh Spargrove, there are challenges to staging the show at the Boman Fine Arts Center.

For some of the cast members, the characters they play are a reflection of themselves, while still others play the exact opposite of the real-life person they are. The challenges for the students are to try and bring out the character that they play.

Spargrove feels confident that this group of dedicated actors and actresses will make this production a success.

The show will open on November 2nd at the Boman Fine Arts Center.




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