Winnebago Revenues Drop Slightly

Winnebago Industries fell slightly in revenues for the fourth quarter and for the fiscal year, but CEO Michael Happe says he has a positive outlook on the future of the company. Quarterly revenues were $530 million, down from $536 million for the same period a year ago. The fiscal year 2019 revenues were at $1.99 billion, a fall from $2.02 billion in Fiscal 2018. Despite some challenges for the outdoor lifestyle product company, Happe is fine with the report.


Future goals for the company include strengthening and expanding the core R-V business.

The Winnebago and Grand Design brands are forming an increasingly compelling dual-brand platform, offering a much-needed balance to the company’s legacy motorhome business.

It’s the first full fiscal year the iconic boat brand Chris-Craft has been under the Winnebago flag. Happe says Chris-Craft continued to outpace expectations with sales growth and strong demand.

Winnebago announced in September it was in the process of purchasing Indiana-based motorhome manufacturer Newmar in order to expand into high-priced, luxury RVs.

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