Kavars Found Guilty of Animal Neglect

The owner of a Manly dog breeding operation has been found guilty of animal neglect.

Barbara Kavars was found guilty Friday of 14 counts of misdemeanor animal neglect in connection with the operation of an alleged puppy mill.

Prosecutors say Kavars kept Samoyed dogs in inhumane conditions when officials raided her operation on Nov. 12 and took 147 dogs. The ASPCA assisted in the removal of the dogs. Court records say 17 dogs had matted fur covered in feces. There were cases of skin conditions leading to fur loss, painful wounds, intestinal parasites, and other maladies. One dog had to be euthanized.

Officials say the dogs’ kennels lacked food and had water containers were frozen with ice.

Kavars denied wrongdoing and testified she fed and gave water to the dogs every day.

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