Winnebago Board Approves Tree Removal in District 11

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors met this week to discuss a project involving Drainage District 11. The district is between Thompson and Leland and involves a drain that was originally a natural waterway. The drain is along Highway 9 between Thompson and Leland.

The waterway is full of trees and brush which have naturally grown into the drain.

The removal of the trees and brush is expected to increase water flow at a cost of $71,500. According to Rick Hopper engineer on the project from Jacobsen Westergaard, a select group of people from within the district will help pay for the project.

The plans are to try and straighten the waterway in the future in order to further increase the flow of water draining out of the fields and properties. Supervisor Terry Durby.

The tree removal will be done by J. Petticord Tree Removal of Bondurant. The company is currently doing work in the Garner area and it is not known exactly when the company will shift operations up to Drainage District 11 Sections 10, 11, and 2.

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