Winnebago Courthouse Doorway to Be Repaired

The Winnebago County Courthouse front entry is in need of some repairs according to the company currently performing the tuck and repair project. The east-facing doorway is currently crumbling and rock from the arch and surrounding brick have fallen onto the pavement.

Dave Randall of Randall Construction has proposed that the doorway be torn down and rebuilt. Along with it, tuckpoint work be done to the surrounding walls and the stairway needs to be removed and a new one poured in its place.

Evidence of crumbling brick and concrete can be found in the window sills of the Winnebago County Courthouse.

According to the released proposal, no work shall be done below grade, but if that work is needed, Randall will address it with the board. Three keystones need to be replaced. A stone carver who is retiring soon has been contacted and he will carve the stones.

Randall also said that they would handle replacing or fixing any sidewalk issues, replacing any railings, and other pertinent work. The cost to do everything is $383,182.50. The board authorized the work to be done so that the stones could be cut before the stone cutting specialist retires.

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