Britt City Council to Meet

The Britt City Council will meet on Tuesday in the Council Chambers at 7 pm. The council will open the meeting with the approval of minutes followed by the approval of the list of claims. The council will then hear from Jim Diemer on the reimbursement for concrete.

The city currently owns property on Main Street which they are looking to sell and vacate. The council will hold a public hearing on vacating and selling the property. The council will then review Resolution 15-2019 which accepts the offer to buy, authorizing the sale of the real estate. It also approves the Quit Claim Deed.

They will then review and possibly vote on Resolution 16-2019 which sets a date and time for a meeting to authorize a loan and disbursement agreement. The resolution also calls for the issuance of Water Revenue Capital Loan Notes not to exceed $500,000.

The council will then set the date and time for Halloween Trick or Treating for 2019

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