Proposed New Winnebago County Wetland Approved

Many farmers are converting their farmland to wetland areas as a conservation practice. One such change involves an area adjacent to the Halvorsen Wetland Area in the Mt. Valley Township. The area is east of Thompson adjacent to Highway 9.

The NRCS met with the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday morning concerning Drainage District 5 Lateral 15 and 16. According to the NRCS, the two laterals will be altered and closed.

These two laterals would feed into three proposed ponds of various sizes that are part of the design of the new wetland. The laterals themselves would not be completely closed.

According to officials with the NRCS, there will be added benefits to landowners who are downstream from the proposed wetland area.

It is hoped that work on the proposed wetland can begin soon.



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