Iowa HS Girls’ Basketball Will Experiment With a Shot Clock This Season.

Some say yes, some say no, but ready or not, a shot clock will be used this season in Iowa High School Girls’ basketball. The Iowa High School Girls Athletic Union announced they will allow a 35-second shot clock to be used during the 16th Rivlary Saturday event to be held in Cedar Rapids this November, on an experimental basis only. This will be the first time ever, in Iowa. 

Experimental basis is the key, according to IGHSAU assistant director, Gary Ross, while talking with the Cedar Rapids Gazette, it doesn’t seem like this is the first step to implanting a permanent shot clock. “ We’re not going to change until the (Iowa High School Athletic Association does for the boys’, and that’s not going to happen until (the National Federation of High Schools) dictates it”, said Ross.

West Hancock will be one of, right now, 14 teams who will get a chance to experience the shot clock first hand. 

West Hanock Head Coach, Paul Sonius. 



Sonius thinks the shot clock plays perfectly into his defensive schemes.  


The shot clock won’t be the only rule that will change for November 30th, inside Kohawk Arena, and for these teams only. The teams will also play without the one-and-one free throw bonus. They will experiment with a quarterly bonus situation; teams will shoot two free throws after five fouls in a quarter, instead of the current high-school fouls rule. The same way it’s done in college women’s basketball and the NBA. 

Sonius is curious to see how this rule change will play out. 


Ross also told the Gazette, “The aspect that this is an event with different sized schools from different parts of the state all in a collegiate venue that already has the necessary equipment…. We’re willing to try something different”. He also said, “They approached us, and we listened.” 

The Eagles, who were the Class 1A runners-up from a year ago, will meet West Branch who was 15-5 last season. The game will be live on KHAM, the home and away “voice” of the West Hancock Eagles. The schedule has not been released as to who plays at what time, but the list of confirmed matches can be found at KIOW dot com, on this story, under the local sports tab.


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