Vaping Issues are Becoming Prevelant in Northern Iowa

Several cases of severe respiratory illness are continuing to be reported in northern Iowa. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention most recently reported 805 cases of respiratory illnesses and 13 deaths nationwide as a result of vaping. While Iowa has not seen any of the reported deaths, there have been 23 cases of respiratory illnesses. Age ranges for the illnesses have been between 17 and 60 years old and most were male. Eighteen of the cases report the use of THC.

Chelsea Slugger of the Hancock County Public Health Department revealed that there are reports where are youth are vaping at various grade levels.

Efforts are being made to curb the usage of vaping despite the fact that north Iowa vaping among teens is lower than average.

One of those programs is called My Life My Quit. 

The Hancock County Health Department is taking a proactive approach to trying to eliminate or at the very least limit the number of students who are vaping. To do this, the department is reaching out to county school districts.

For those who want to quit and want to get information on the program, go to or you can text the words Start my quit to  (855) 891-9989. The website also has a chatline for those who want to have a coach or get more information on how to stop vaping.



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