Hancock County Board to Examine Drainage and Engineer Costs

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to discuss a number of issues facing the county. The first of these concerns Hancock County Engineer Adam Clemons. Currently, the county shares Clemons with Wright County. Clemons heads both Secondary Road Departments in Hancock and Wright County. Now the Hancock Supervisors are questioning whether it is a savings of having a “part-time” engineer or if the position should be a full-time title. The board will discuss the issue beginning at 8:30 am.

The board will also look into drainage matters. Among them is a project that needs to be extended by two weeks in order for it to be completed. Drainage District 114 Main Open Ditch is nearly complete and the board will look into adding more time to see the completion through.

The board will also look into another project involving Drainage Districts 1 and 2. Here a fourth pay estimate will be requested by J. Petticord Incorporated. The board will vote on whether to pay the presented bill.

Drainage District 116 still follows an age-old tradition where the landowners would gather annually to discuss and administrate their own district. However, petitions have been circulated to transfer the trusteeship over to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. This would mean that the board would assume management of the district. The board will review the results of the petitions and decide accordingly.

At 10 am, the board will hold an informational meeting on a petition by a landowner in Drainage District 7 Lateral 112+50. The landowner would like to see the drainage dug deeper and widened. The cost to the south drainage system is estimated at $308,561.50. The south branch 128 is expected to cost $105,071. Landowners along the respective projects would be forced to pay their portion of the bill, but unaffected landowners in the district will not be billed.

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