DD 26 Lateral 6 Project gets Rejected

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors Monday held a formal hearing with landowners in drainage district 26 lateral 6 to discuss a petition received from Harley Kreitlow.

Richard Hopper of Jacobson Westergaard was hired by the board to conduct an engineering report for an improvement in that district, which included a proposed extension of tile to lateral 6 for 535 acres, affecting 10 landowners.

The current tile is considered to be at a 1/8 inch co-efficient. Hopper proposed 3 options to improve drainage – a 24 inch parallel tile for a ½ inch co-efficient at a cost of $317,000, a 30 inch parallel tile for a 1 inch co-efficient at a cost of $415,000, or to hook into the 14 inch tile and extend the tile down to 120th Street at a cost of $125,000.

Landowner Doug Thompson of Kanawha, objected to the project, although he only had 2 acres at stake.

When the petition was filed, the county was obligated by Iowa Code to hire an engineer to do a study within 21 days.  That engineer’s report is presented at the formal hearing with landowners. Thompson said that the landowners should be informed prior to hiring an engineer.

Hopper clarified the Iowa Code’s reasons for hiring an engineer and obtaining a report prior to a formal hearing.

Thompson said that if the board doesn’t start notifying the district about filed petitions prior to hiring an engineer, he’ll ask the landowners to take back the district and hire their own trustees.

After Thompson and three other landowners objected to the project, the petition was pulled by Kreitlow, and the project has been put on hold.

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