Forest City Fighting Football Injuries Tonight

Each year we seem to hear more and more about injuries in the sport of football. Concerns about concussions, head and neck injuries and rare fatalities has brought nationwide attention to the safety of the sport.  Therefore, as a part of a statewide effort, Forest City High School, along with the Iowa Athletic Trainers’ Society, are sponsoring a “Safety in Football Campaign” in order to show why “Safety in Athletics begins with having an Athletic Trainer.” According to a study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics, the presence of athletic trainers in the secondary schools lowers overall injury rates, improves diagnosis and return‐to‐play decisions, and reduces the risk for recurrent injuries.

At high school and college events all across Iowa this week, teams will be donning a small helmet sticker on the back of each player’s helmet. The sticker represents the cumulative efforts of these schools and the Iowa Athletic Trainers’ Society towards improving the overall safety of all sports in Iowa. For more information on how you can keep your athletes safe, visit the Iowa Athletic Trainers’ Society website at

Athletic trainers provide medical care and supervision during games and practices and develop injury prevention programs to keep athletes healthy and on the field. Additionally, athletic trainers are able to assist with injury prevention education during practice, one-on-one time with athletes and through regular communication with parents. Should an injury occur, athletic trainers are able to diagnose, treat and rehabilitate an injured athlete. As medical professionals, athletic trainers keep detailed records of the injuries they see and treatments they provide. 

Prevention of injury is critical because injury history is often a risk factor for future injury. Players with previous injuries have two or three times greater risk of incident injury compared to those without previous injury.

Athletes at secondary schools with proper medical teams that include an athletic trainer sustain a lower incidence of injuries (both acute and recurring) than athletes at schools without athletic trainers.

The Forest City High School athletic trainer is Emily Putney.

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