Holland Youth Conservation Area Closed to the Public

Now that Fall is here and people will be heading outdoors to hunt, the Winnebago County Conservation Board wants to remind people that the former Holland Prairie Conservation and Youth Hunting Area northeast of Leland is permanently closed to the public. The area had been leased from private landowners and the lease was terminated earlier this year. As a result, the WCCB requests that people respect this now private property.

But, the WCCB does manage many other hunting areas in the county. For a complete listing of county-managed hunting areas in Winnebago County, people can go to www.winnebagoccb.com and look under the “Come Explore” tab for “Parks and Wildlife Areas.” Each area will be listed, including its location, whether hunting is allowed and, if so, what type of hunting (upland, forest, wetland). If people would like more information about hunting in Winnebago County, they can contact the Winnebago County Conservation Board at 641-565-3390.

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