North Iowa Schools Pass New Attendance Policy

In order to combat possible attendance issues in school, the North Iowa Community School District has passed a tougher school attendance policy. School officials cite that regular classroom attendance significantly impacts academic success. For the district, 15 days of absenteeism is considered excessive and measures will be taken to avoid further missed days of school.

The program is broken down into four levels according to North Iowa Community School District Superintendent Joe Erickson.

The major purpose of the notification is to make parents aware of the number of days missed and to make efforts to avoid further absences.

The next step is level two where 10 days have been missed from school.

Strategies for improved attendance will be discussed between the parents and the school district at this point.

In level three, a student will have missed 15 total days or more of school throughout the school year. As a result, several actions will be taken including the drafting of an attendance contract and a meeting with the Winnebago County Attorney Kelsey Beenken.

Level four is where the attendance contract is broken. The County Attorney will be contacted and truancy charges may be filed.

School officials will take into account the conditions as to why the student may have been absent for an extended period of time beyond the 15-day maximum. Things such as hospitalization or medical reasons with a valid doctor’s explanation and excuse will be reviewed. However, school officials stress that it is important that an open channel of communication between parents and the district be maintained in order to best assist in the students’ success.






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