Census Bureau Looking to Local Governments for Assistance

The United States Census Bureau will once again hold its national headcount next year and is looking to get assistance from local and county governments in order to accomplish the task. John Cook with the Census Bureau recently spoke at a meeting of the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors regarding the count.

The Census Bureau is asking that city and county governments form committees that promote the census to its local residents. The aim is to make sure that all residents in the area designate that they are living in the cities where they reside on April 1st, 2020. This includes students who live in Forest City and attend Waldorf University. They would designate that on April 1st of next year, they are living in Forest City and not in the city, town, or country where they lived before attending the university. Parents of those students also cannot claim their sons or daughters as household members if they are living away from home and attending the university.

Winnebago County officials will be organizing a committee to support the counting of area residents during the census next year. They will also be supported by proposed committees from area cities and communities that have the same intentions.


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