Buffalo Center May be Facing an EMT Shortage

Buffalo Center has potentially become one of many small communities facing an Emergency Medical Technician or EMT shortage. With the beginning of the school year, three EMT’s will be involved in working with the school district during the daytime, leaving four available part-time EMT’s to cover emergency calls during that time frame.

Buffalo Center Mayor John Davids will be meeting with members of the council this week to discuss options.

Davids admitted that currently there is no budget to hire a full-time EMT or paramedic, but there may be a need to find the funding to do so. For now, Davids believes that the city can manage with the staff available, but future staffing concerns need to be addressed now.

Other options on the table include working with nearby communities to form a cooperative in responding to calls or pooling financial resources to hire a full-time EMT or paramedic. The city may explore asking the county to form a county-wide ambulatory service.


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