“When Tombstones Talk” Tickets Remain Available

As Forest City moves into the future, its past remains all around us. We find it in the buildings downtown, the houses that are sometimes over 125 years old, and the brick streets when the asphalt is removed away.  One place where people may not think to look is the local graveyards.  Now, those graveyards, especially it tombstones will tell you their stories. Winnebago Historical Society member Riley Lewis explains.

Those that take a walk through the tombstones will then get a chance to not only read up on the historical figure, but they will also get to meet them in person, almost.

Gravediggers will take participants on a tour around the cemetery. There will be six to possibly seven stations where the actors will provide the details about the character they represent. Participants will have the chance to hear stories and ask questions about the historical figure and learn more about the impact they had not only on Forest City but on the general area.  According to Lewis, the event is going to be held longer than most cemetery walks.

Tickets for the event are now on sale for $10 and can be purchased at TSB, MBT, Forest City Hy-Vee, and the Forest City Farmers Coop. They are limited due to the availability of parking.

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