Hancock County Health System is Holding a Fall Prevention Program

Those who unsteady on their feet understand that falling is an issue that has to be dealt with. The aid of physical therapists and doctors is a tremendous asset, but sometimes more is needed. The Hancock County Health System has begun a program that addresses the needs of these individuals called Stepping On, a cost-free fall and injury prevention program at the Hancock County Health Systems Wellness Center in Britt. The fall edition is currently full of participants, but a spring program is being planned.

Haley Tilges with Hancock County Health System explains that the program helps to build the confidence of participants and to exercise simple techniques and tips.

A home visit is also scheduled to make sure that there is follow through with what is being discussed in the six-week sessions. The program leader may also offer suggestions to further prevent falls or injuries in the home.

When the sessions end, the program continues with follow-ups by the program leaders.

Those who may want to participate in future sessions in the spring should contact the Hancock County Health System for further information.