Board Approves Improvement Project Amid Reservations

A large group of residents in Drainage District 18 gathered at the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors on Tuesday regarding a proposed drainage project on Laterals 11, 12, 13, and 29. The reclassification of the district saw some districts receive reduced levies while those along Lateral 11 saw little or no change in rates.

The project is northwest of Scarville and is regarded as an improvement. What many in the audience were concerned about was the reduction in levy rates everywhere except Lateral 11. However, the three other laterals flow into Lateral 11 which also is two to three times longer than any of the others and flows into the main. Residents contended that everyone benefits from Lateral 11 being improved and should pay equitably for it. However, county officials were quick to say that is not how drainage law works.

Project Engineer Rick Hopper explained.

Supervisor Mike Stensrud added to the conversation.

The residents ultimately agreed to go forward with the improvement project and use a 1-inch coefficient line in addition to the cleanout and reconstruction of the laterals. The project may head out for bids in a future meeting.




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