RSVP Needs Local Volunteers

If you are retired but are inspired to help area youth become more proficient readers in school, Teresa Price with RSVP has an answer for you.

RSVP is a program designed to assist young readers in area school districts with help from area volunteers. There are various areas where help is needed according to Price.

Another area of need is for those who want to become reading coaches.

There are still other areas for those who may not be able to get out as often, but still, want to help students become energized and enthused about reading and writing.

In almost all cases, the student and the pen pal will not meet or know who the other person is. What becomes even more fun is what happens in May at the Reveal Party according to Price.

Those who would like to participate should visit or call (641) 422-4256. You can also e-mail to













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