New Waldorf Athletic Director, Gassman, Chats With KIOW

Forest City, Iowa – Yesterday was day number one for Waldorf University Athletic Director, Chad Gassman. Gassman, who worked at Waldorf from 2006 through 2011 is back, he announced on the 16th of this month that he was leaving Judson University for Waldorf. Waldorf University announced the hiring last week. 

Gassman sat down with KIOW yesterday to talk about returning to Forest City. 

Since leaving Waldorf in 2011, Gassman has been a baseball coach, athletic director, manager, and at times all three. 

 Gassman worked with and under legendary Waldorf AD and coach, Denny Jerome. Gassman says Jerome is the reason he is where he is today. 

The entire Waldorf athletic program has seen growth over the past three years. Football has finished second in the conference in back to back years, track broke records day in and day out, baseball was on the verge of making the postseason and had a player drafted, and volleyball is having their best start since 2008; not to mention all the other sports who are also doing unheard-of things. Gassman says he doesn’t want to make any big changes right away, but he can see areas to help continue the growth of Warrior athletics. 


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