King Speaks to the Issues in a Town Hall Meeting in Lake Mills

U. S. Representative Steve King held a Town Hall Meeting at the Lake Mills Theater. The room was nearly at capacity as King addressed issues ranging from immigration to pharmaceutical pricing. King opened the meeting addressing the crowd on the issues facing Congress and the United States.

Representative King addresses the audience on the issues.

King opened with a discussion on trade, an issue which is very important to area farmers and businesses.

King would like to see the “intellectual thievery” come to an end and has proposed that treaties and a halt to the importing of what he calls “knock-off goods” be implemented.

King stated that he wants to see trade agreements, particularly China, get resolved soon as a number of businesses including farming have been dramatically affected.

King took questions from the audience and among the questions raised was the current state of “The Heartbeat Bill”.

Courts have been reviewing the legalities of the legislation, which may end up in the hands of the United States Supreme Court.

Two members of the audience brought up the high cost of prescription drugs for things like Leukemia and Diabetes. Some costs, they said were too much for those who needed it. King stated that he believed there should be importation of prescription medication from Canada which would be in direct competition to stateside pharmaceutical manufacturers who hold exclusive U. S. patents on the drugs. This would drive the cost of medication down according to King because consumers could order the prescription drugs from Canadian companies at a lower cost and have them delivered to the consumer’s home.

King later attended a Republican fundraising event at the Atrium on the campus of Waldorf University and also gave an exclusive interview to KIOW News which will be on our website on Sunday morning in our Sunday Talk segments.




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