Winnebago Board to Review Right of Way Decision

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors are faced with a hefty decision on possibly rescinding an earlier decision. At issue is a right of way that was vacated based on information that had been given to them. However, landowners came forward to say that the county was negligent in caring for the grounds around the right of way and the abandoned road. The area in question is in the Logan Township in Sections 8 and 9. After Supervisor Bill Jensvold toured the area, he told the board that not all of the information had been brought to the table.

The board may reconsider the earlier passage of the abandonment of the right of way for the sections in question.

The board will also consider a Notice to award a contract to Larson Contracting for cleanout of the Drainage Districts 21 and 68-136. Laron Contracting had the two lowest bids for the projects that are expected to be started this fall.

At 10 am, the board will hear about the current status for work being done to the courthouse on the north side.



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