New Dates for Recycling Leave Some Confused

It didn’t completely catch on, but most in Forest City adapted to the new recycling pick-up dates. The city is now picking up the recycling instead of a Mason City company because the said company pulled out of driving to Forest City to pick up everything. As a result, Forest City added personnel to the Streets and Sanitation Department and is doing the work.

In the process, city personnel are noticing a few oddities in the way that some are putting out their recycling. Forest City Administrator Barb Smith.

Problems have arisen where the recycling collection team is finding plastics, glass, or tin placed in thin plastic grocery bags. When the wind blows, the recycling goes everywhere before it has a chance to get picked up, ending up in the neighbor’s yard or all over the street. If the recycling remains in the spot where it was placed, it means extra trips for the collection team to and from the truck picking up the numerous bags, which slows down collection times.

There are other little oddities that city crews are running into as well.

Thin grocery bags are not recyclable but can be taken to stores that will accept them.

If a resident sets out a bundled newspaper or cardboard stack along with their large yellow container for glass, tin, and plastics, do not be alarmed if just one of the items is collected such as the contents in the yellow container.

As to the dates when the recycling will be taken, there was some initial confusion, but notices were sent out with all utility bills. However, for those who are still unsure.

Questions regarding recycling can be directed to City Hall at 585-3574. Containers can also be purchased there too.



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