Kanawha Fire Department Winner in Power to Do More Contest

 After receiving thousands of online votes, Kanawha, Iowa farmer, Chris Staudt, is a second-place winner in the Power to Do More contest sponsored by the corn herbicides of Corteva Agriscience. Staudt’s win earns the Kanawha Fire Department a $5,000 donation.

 The Power to Do More contest invited farmers to submit a unique photo and story about the power on their farm. Ten finalists, selected from hundreds of entries, showed exceptional creativity and commitment to growing a stronger community in their photo and story. During online voting June 10 to July 8, the public rallied behind their favorite farmer and community.

 “The 10 finalists received more than 60,000 votes this year, which really shows the passion rural communities have for their local organizations,” said Lyndsie Kaehler, U.S. Corn Herbicides Product Manager, Corteva Agriscience. “It’s been great to see communities rally around the contest to support their local farmer and nonprofit organization. We are so proud to tell their stories.”

 Staudt submitted a photo of himself, his girlfriend and his dog. He explained that the photo shows he is blessed to farm alongside his brother and father while being “able to enjoy the simple things in life.” Staudt said the donation will enable the Kanawha Fire Department, his nonprofit organization of choice, to “upgrade equipment needed to help our dedicated volunteers keep the community safe.”

 The additional winner of a $5,000 donation is Marsha Strom for the Williamsfield FFA Alumni & Friends of Dahinda, Illinois. The grand-prize winner of a $10,000 donation is Scott Slepikas for the Center for Independence of Huron, South Dakota.

 Overall, Corteva is donating $27,000 to local nonprofit organizations, giving a total of $20,000 to the three winners’ local nonprofit organizations of choice plus $1,000 to each chosen nonprofit of the remaining seven finalists.

 The Power to Do More contest is in its third year of helping farming communities across the country. Corteva Agriscience is proud to support farmers

through this contest and with a lineup of corn herbicides dedicated to delivering the power to do more every season. With Resicore®, SureStart® II, DuPont Realm® Q, DuPont Cinch® ATZ, and Keystone®NXT herbicides, farmers can effectively control and spend less time worrying about yield-robbing weeds.

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