Local Demand for Corn Still Good Despite Ethanol Plant Shutdown

Ethanol plants in Iowa have been rumored to possibly make significant cutbacks in production. Plymouth Energy in Merrill suspended production making it the tenth plant nationwide to do so. DeLayne Johnson, CEO of the Quad County Corn Producers cites the reasons for the shutdowns.

However, here in the Forest City area, demand has remained steady. Randy Broesder with the Forest City Farmers Coop says he is still getting requests for corn.

Some are warning corn producers to look for other areas where there is a demand for corn, but Broesder reassures everyone not to worry because there are already established markets.

As far as ethanol gas prices are concerned, ethanol plants shuttering or slowing down may play a role.

Harvest, foreign competition, and other factors will all play a role in the price of corn and in turn, the price of ethanol this fall and winter. Right now, Broesder says that it is too early to tell where the price will go.





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