Democratic Wing Ding Highlights the Candidates in Clear Lake

Clear Lake became the center of attention on Friday night as more than 20 candidates for the Democratic Presidential Primary race descended on the city. The event took place at the Surf Ballroom to a capacity crowd that waited for up to two hours outside and around several blocks to catch a glimpse or hear from their favorite candidate.

Attendees are lined up nearly three blocks away from the Surf Ballroom for the Democratic Wing Ding.

The closer the attendees got, the more lively it became. Groups of supporters took sections in front of the Surf Ballroom to chant and lead in cheers for their favorite candidate. Some were beating drums, while others with bull horns led their respective groups in specific chants. Each of the groups wore coordinated t-shirts bearing the name of their candidate.

A pro-Tulsi group chants waiting for her appearance at the Surf Ballroom.
A pro-Kamala Harris group chants for their candidate.

The event was not without some tense moments as young Republicans made their presence known sporting pro-Trump shirts and banners. Terse comments were exchanged at times between the groups and occasionally the Democratic groups would chant louder as the Trump supporters passed by.

Two of many Trump supporters turned out with their show of support for the current President.

Candidates generally walked up to the Surf Ballroom. Former U. S. Representative from Maryland John Delaney preferred to walk among those who were waiting in line outside the Surf Ballroom. He expressed thanks to them for waiting a long time as he greeted each before going inside.

Presidential candidate John Delaney (center in the blue jacket) walks among those waiting in line before entering the Surf Ballroom.

Former Vice President Joe Biden opted to take a different route than most. He walked through a parking lot opposite from the line of waiting attendees and entered through a side entrance surrounded by members of the media.

Former Vice President Joe Biden (center in the blue shirt) amidst a sea of reporters as he turns to enter the Surf Ballroom.

None of the gathered ralliers for respective candidates were allowed to comment on their support for a candidate or on what they were doing at the Democratic Wing Ding. After each candidate had arrived and then departed, the respective rallying group would depart too.

Inside the Surf Ballroom, candidates spoke on issues that they felt affected the U. S. the most. Many took aim at the current policies of the Trump Administration and offered their solutions to the issues.

Tulsi Gabbard, a candidate from Hawaii, talked about the recent mass shooting events.


Former Vice President Joe Biden took aim at the Trump Administration and his policies.

Many of the candidates will now travel to Des Moines for a “Gun Sense Forum” on Saturday. Biden offered his thoughts on background checks for gun purchases.





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