Planning Begins on the New Forest City Public Library

The Forest City Public Library will soon have a new home if the city and the Library Board can complete all of the necessary details. The new location will be the former site of the Forest City Foods store. Clean up on the interior has already begun and now board members, city officials, and even the general public are voicing their input on the design of the new facility according to Library Board President Tracy Broesder.

Library personnel discuss designs at the proposed front desk site.

The new facility will increase the size of the library in a number of ways. The purpose of the design using cardboard is for visual purposes. It is not the final design says Broesder.


A proposed work area leading to storage rooms and additional workspace.

While library board members, staff, and administrators have discussed a number of options on the design, they have had some outside help.

Most would think that with the use of the internet on phones and devices, libraries would become a relic of the past, but the exact opposite is true. Students find libraries to be a place for social gathering and extra resources. Others find it to be a place where they can get homework and research done without outside world distractions.

Library board members and personnel use trace paper to fine-tune designs.

The library board and personnel are not limiting public opinion to a select few. Broesder wants to hear from all Forest City residents on design planning.

Those who would like to give an opinion or offer suggestions can go to the Forest City Public Library and leave their comments with the staff. Once the final design is arrived at, the library board will begin the process of fundraising for construction.


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