Winnebago County Auditor Says Voting is Secure

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate went on record in several op-ed publications to state that voting is secure in the state. With recent accusations of election meddling nationally, the state began to take steps to secure elections. One of those steps will be when Winnebago County voters receive registration cards this week ahead of the first combined City/School Election scheduled for November 5th. The cards were sent out to update voters on their polling locations for the newly combined elections.

Votes that are cast in this election will remain very secure according to Winnebago County Auditor and Commissioner of Elections Karla Weiss.

The same securities will be applied in all future elections. Meanwhile, continual improvements are being made.

The Auditors Office had to review polling locations for the November 5th election after the State Legislature passed a law that combined both city and school elections. The Secretary of State’s Office suggested using the General Election polling locations for the election which now does away with the traditional school election polling sites. Costs were also considered and Weiss believes that keeping the polling locations at traditional general election sites will keep the process as affordable as possible for the county.

Voters should keep the cards as a reference but should review them first. If a voter notices their voting record needs to be updated, they should contact the Winnebago County Auditor’s Office for a new voter registration form. A form can also be obtained online by going to The Auditors Office is open 8:30 am to 4:30 pm at (641) 585-3412.



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