Winnebago Board to Reclassify Several Drainage Districts

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet this morning beginning at 9 am by approving Title VI information for the Iowa Department of Transportation and then approving the Winnebago County Capital Asset Policy.

The board will then focus on approving several reclassifications involving drainage. The first of these is a contract with Jacobson-Westergard to reclassify Drainage District 48. Several laterals were not included in the original classification of the district and now the Drainage Clerk wants to make sure levies on usage are accurate. Engineers will review the drainage in the district and determine the correct formula for levying.

A similar situation has developed in Drainage District 29 and the board wants to appoint and then sign a contract with the engineer to reclassify the district.

Due to the cost of the project, Drainage District 21 will be bid out to contractors for cleanup and repair. The ditch flows into Joint Drainage District 68-136. Drainage District 136 is in Kossuth County and will be directly impacted by the cleanout. Bids for the project will be opened at 10 am with the lowest qualifying bid receiving the contract.

The county continues to look into getting a better contract for recycling with Waste Management Incorporated. Winnebago Supervisor Terry Durby has been spearheading the movement for the last couple of years and will address the board on the issue again Tuesday morning.

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