Sewer System Checks to be Performed by Forest City Crews

As part of the Forest City sanitary sewer system evaluation program, WHKS & Company along with the city will conduct smoke testing in portions of the city from August 5th to the 19th. Forest City Administrator Barb Smith explains the reasons for the testing.

City crews routinely perform these tests to ensure the integrity of the systems. According to Smith, the process is thorough because it involves forcing non-toxic smoke into the sewer pipes with a mechanical blower and observing areas from where the smoke then reappears. Breaks in lines or smoke appearing where it shouldn’t, may be caused by a number of issues according to Smith.

Eventually, the entire city will be tested, but this will be done over a matter of time.


Maps of the smoke testing have been mailed out in the utility bills for this month. However, smith gives a rundown of the parameters of the testing.

The smoke may enter your home or building if a drain trap is dry or the building has defective plumbing. Residents should pour approximately one gallon of water into each drain to make sure that the trap is full. A drain that has regular use should already be full.






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