Winnebago Supervisors Show Concern Over DD-48 Project

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday and were surprised to learn that a bill sent by Helgeson Contracting was a little higher than was expected. Upon further investigation, they found that the project was incorrectly billed. Helgeson Contracting worked on a drainage project in Drainage District 48. The project called for a line to be cleared out and repaired.

When the county was billed, it was for $11,000 on a line extending 700 feet. However, the county drainage line is closer to 190 feet. The remaining line is private and should not have been billed to the county. The Auditor’s Office initially caught the mistake and brought it to the attention of the board. After supervisors Terry Durby and Bill Jensvold reviewed a series of maps including a county plot map, they were able to confirm the actual distance of 192 feet.

The county has asked Helgelson to resubmit a corrected bill for the work done on county-owned drainage.

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