Hancock County Board to Discuss Drainage and Road Repairs

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday to discuss numerous drainage projects and temporary road closures. The meeting will begin at 9 am with a teleconference with Kent Rode of Bolton and Menk Engineering. At issue are trees in the drainage systems along Drainage District 1 & 2 South Main. The board will ask the engineer to apply for a permit from the Department of Natural Resources to remove trees and clear a path for water to flow in the ditch. The same is true for Drainage District 81.

A tile improvement is needed in Drainage District 3 & 4 Lateral 29. Ivan Droessler and Cole Budach of ISG have recommendations for the improvements that are as yet unknown. What is known is that the tile and the outlet in the lateral are non-functional. Droessler and Budach will layout their ideas for improving the tile and increasing water flow in the lateral.

The board must approve a pay estimate for $87,130 for work done on Drainage District 5 and 81. This is the second payment that will be made on the project which was a ditch cleanout.

Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer Adam Clemons will go before the board to discuss two temporary road closures. The first is on 22oth Street. Road crews have been continually working on the road after heavy rains. Water continues to flow over the gravel road and the road department wants to improve the road to alleviate the issue.

The second road closure involves a bridge on 210th Street near Hutchins. The road department will be doing some rehabilitation and repair on the bridge so they will be closing the bridge until the contractor can get in and perform the work.

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