Strong Storms Halt Puckerbrush Parade and Damage Trees

It has not happened in over a decade, but today thunderstorms brought the Puckerbrush Parade to a grinding halt. The parade was almost halfway complete when a strong line of storms began to roll into the area. Severe thunderstorm warnings were issued for several parts of the area and winds blew in in excess of 50 mph along with spotty heavy rains.

Trees were damaged and some were even brought down. On J Street and 10th, a large tree was toppled over with a break leading all the way to the trunk of the tree. On 9th and M Streets, crews were quickly dispatched to handle a tree in the road. It took crews less than an hour to clear the debris from the road, but 9th had to be blocked off by Forest City Police to allow street crews using large equipment and chainsaws the chance to get it cleared.

Traditional activities such as the chicken BBQ were moved indoors to Salveson Hall. Vendors on the courthouse lawn had to quickly take down pop up tents and canopies in the high winds and rain in order to seek shelter. Meanwhile parade onlookers quickly scattered for shelter in their cars or in their homes.

Showers and thunderstorms remain in the forecast today along with cooler temperatures. Most outdoor activities are expected to resume and continue into the night.

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