Winnebago Supervisors to Continue Public Hearing

When the Winnebago County Board of Supervisors first addressed the issue of Drainage District 18, there were a number of concerns about proper levies assessed to each of the laterals that feed into the main ditch. Some of these were in need of an improvement, but there were serious costs involved and the board felt it necessary to explore the issues further. So the public hearing on the matter was suspended until further details could be researched and brought to light.

The board has decided to continue the hearing on the laterals today beginning at 9 am. Representatives of the engineering firm Jacobsen-Westergard will provide additional information on the proposed improvements. If 50% of the landowners who own 70% of the land vote the project down, the project will not go through. Otherwise, the project will go through. The board will vote to move the project forward unless the landowners say no.

Jacobsen-Westergard has also been asked to reclassify a joint drainage district with Kossuth County. Drainage District 68-136 is currently under consideration for reclassification so that the counties can levy landowners properly for the usage of the laterals and mains. The engineering firm will provide a report on the reclassification to the board.

Secondary roads will once again be addressed. Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders will discuss with the board the current state of the roads. The department has opted to begin resurfacing the roads instead of continually patching them. Meinders will also talk about the need to purchase equipment for the department such as road blades. According to Meinders, some of the equipment is seeing heavy wear and tear which requires replacement.

The meeting will take place at 9 am in the Winnebago County Courthouse.

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