Hancock County is in the Black

Hancock County is financially on track with what the state of Iowa recommends, according to the treasurer’s annual settlement for fiscal year 2018-2019 that ended on June 30, 2019. On Monday, the Hancock County Treasurer Deb Engstler presented her annual settlement report to the Hancock County Board of Supervisors. Board Chairman Jerry Tlach gives a summation of those numbers. 


In other news Monday, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors received a letter from Hudson Law Firm regarding the newly established Galls Creek Drainage District 177 in Hancock County.  Hudson Law Firm is representing Craig Weaver of rural Garner who is requesting that all of his attorney fees which accumulate to $10,048.75, be included in the new reclassification schedule, assessed to, and paid by the landowners in that newly reclassified district.

According to James Hudson of Hudson Law Firm, the legal work he performed and documents he prepared applied to the eventual establishment of the Drainage District in Hancock County, thus all of the fees paid during the establishment should be assessed to the new district.  However, the Hancock County Supervisors are not in agreement with Hudson.

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