Sweet Corn Arrives in the Area

The area vendors have begun to arrive with an Iowa treasure, sweet corn. Over the weekend, vendors were showing up in Clear Lake, Forest City, Mason City, and along Highway 18 near Ventura. The Duesey Days in Garner had a sweet corn vendor as well. Lines were long as people tried to get their first taste of the season of the pre-cooked corn on the cob.

Ag Secretary Mike Naig says it was good to see the sweet corn finally ready to go.

He says the sweet corn planting got set back by the same weather that hampered the field corn and soybeans from getting into the ground.

Naig says you can see the impact of the weather as you travel the state by the different stages of development of the corn and beans. But he thinks the will all catch up.

When it comes to the sweet corn, Naig has his preferred method for eating.

The typewriter method is eating from one side of the ear to the other and then starting over.  The other strategy is rolling the ear as you eat it.   Naig and Governor Kim Reynolds each had an ear of fresh sweet corn cook on the steps of the state capitol.  Reynolds also prefers the typewriter method.

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