Hancock County Board to Review Drainage Projects

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will hold a meeting on Monday, dominated by drainage issues. Before they delve into the projects, the board will consider a resolution that adopts an official seal for Hancock County. The state is now requiring that all counties have an official seal instead of the individual offices within the county such as the auditor, recorder, or treasurer. The purpose of the seal is for election business and generally not other county business

After a discussion on district right of way issues, the board will consider a third pay estimate of $63,450 for a tree removal project in Drainage District 1 and 2 South Main. J. Petticord Contracting submitted the third in a series of three bills to the county for the work that was done.

The board will then hold a teleconference with Wright and Franklin County boards on the work done in Tri-Joint Drainage Districts 49-1-125. Hancock County only had a couple of residents affected by the work that was done. The majority of the work was done in the other two counties.

The board will meet in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner beginning at 9 am.

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