Changes to Recycling Coming to Forest City

Forest City will be seeing a change in how recycling is handled. Mason City Recycling company has been picking up the recycling on a set schedule for several years, but now the contract year is ending. Forest City Administrator Barb Smith explained the current state of things.

Recycling is not a business where a great deal of profit is made. However, having recyclables in a landfill is not good for the environment or future generations. So the city looked for alternatives and collection was the most economical and ecological thing to do. The city will have to raise its recycling rates by a dollar in order to absorb the extra costs. That rate change is expected to take place in August when the recycling pickup schedule changes too.

Part of the additional rates will go towards paying Mason City Recyclables to take the recycling. Those with questions should call (641) 585-3574.

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