Winnebago Supervisors To Review Drainage Issues

The Winnebago County Board of supervisors will hold their weekly meeting at the Winnebago County Courthouse today beginning at 9 am. The board will get an update on current activities with Healthy Harvest. This will be followed by Forest City Chamber of Commerce Director Kathy Rollefson who will ask permission for the use of courthouse grounds for the Puckerbrush festivities from July 18th to the 21st.

The board will then begin a series of drainage discussions. among them is an invoice totaling around $45,000 from A1 Excavating. This is for cleanout and repair work done on Drainage District 5 Lateral 5.

The board will then hold a teleconference with the Kossuth County Board of Supervisors on Drainage District 68-136 that runs into Minnesota. This is a cleanout and repair project that must be approved by both boards.

Finally, the board will look a reclassification of Drainage District 18. The problem that was discovered by the Auditors Office is that there are numerous laterals that feed into the main ditch in the district. Some of these laterals have not been classified. As a result, levies are not properly being charged properly for their usage. The Auditors Office would like to correct the problem and charge all farmers according to their usage.


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