Heat is Causing Roads to Buckle

Forest City road crews continue to work on numerous roads and getting a handle on damage caused by weather and wear. Road paving in numerous locations have covered, sealed, and repaired most of the damage. Still, some roads are in need of work and are getting repaired.

In other locations, the weather is playing havoc with road conditions. The high heat is causing the concrete to buckle on some stretches of northwest Iowa roads. Troy Clouse, with the Iowa Department of Transportation, says he and his crews responded to five reports of pavement blowouts during the weekend in Plymouth, Sioux, and Woodbury counties. Clouse says they’re making temporary repairs.

With temperatures in the mid-90s for the first time this year, Clouse says the pavement needs to swell.

Clouse warns motorists to keep a close eye out for pavement buckles.

The Iowa D-O-T expects to see additional instances of pavement buckling, as long as the heat wave continues, which may be several more days.

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