SUNDAY TALK: King’s Says His “Census Accuracy Act” Fixes Supreme Court’s Delay of Census Citizenship Question

“Overall, the Supreme Court ruling delaying the Trump Administration’s restoration of a citizenship question to the decennial census is a ridiculous example of judicial overreach,” said King. “However, buried within Part III of the decision is an important 5-4 majority holding that shouldn’t be overlooked. That holding makes it clear that as a matter of Constitutional law, the Enumeration Clause ‘permits Congress, and by extension the Secretary, to inquire about citizenship on the census questionnaire.

That holding underscores the need for swift consideration and passage of my ‘Census Accuracy Act.’ My bill requires the asking of a citizenship question on the census, and its swift enactment would prevent the Supreme Court from continuing to second-guess the Trump Administration’s legitimate census policy choices. American citizens are losing representation in the House of Representatives due to illegal immigration, and American citizens should question the motives of a Congressional majority that panders to illegal aliens by accepting it.”

King is the author of HR 1320, the Census Accuracy Act, legislation he introduced that requires the Census Bureau to include a question identifying a respondent’s status. Last week, King secured 192 votes in the House in favor of a King amendment that allows federal funds to be used to add the citizenship question to the 2020 census.


Congressman King is the leading Congressional proponent of restoring a question regarding respondent’s citizenship status to the census, and he has worked effectively to advance this cause. Here are a few of the initiatives Congressman King has championed regarding the Census citizenship question:

  1. Letter to Commerce Secretary Ross: In February of 2018, King led a letter signed by 10 Members of Congress expressing support for requiring the decennial census to ask about citizenship. “We write to demonstrate our strong support for requiring the decennial census to ask respondents about their citizenship status,” the King letter states. “Adding a citizenship question would result in American citizens being more accurately represented in Congress.”
  2. Lead sponsor of HR 1320, the Census Accuracy Act. The bill requires that starting with the 2020 census, the questionnaire will include a checkbox that will allow the respondent to identify whether they are a citizen, a lawfully admitted permanent resident, an alien with lawful status, or none of these. In addition, the bill requires that aliens identify which Federal program or law granted them legal status.
  3. King Amendment #9 to HR 3055.  The Democrats included language in HR 3055 which seeks to block funding from being used by the Census to inquire about citizenship status. The King amendment attempted to eliminate this language so that the Commerce Department could implement the question. King’s amendment garnered192 votes on the House floor, including among them the votes of House GOP leadership.
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