Garner Hayfield Ventura School Board to Meet in Special Session

The Garner-Hayfield-Ventura Community School Board will meet today at noon in a special session in the Superintendents Office. The meeting will center around three separate items to be addressed.  The first of these is to hire an auditor for the school years between 2019 and 2021. The board hires the auditor to keep an eye on the financial activities of the district and other select business matters.

The board will then go into closed session to discuss a very sensitive matter regarding the safety and security of its students and employees. The board will review the newly designed Emergency Operations Plan will cover everything from active shooter scenarios to natural disasters. Only a select few know of the plan in its detail due to the sensitivity of the plans themselves, particularly active shooter scenarios. Once the plan has been thoroughly examined behind closed doors, the board will go about classifying it and voting whether or not to approve it.

Finally, the board will review its agreement with Gallagher Services. The company gives the school district a report on the current status of their health insurance liability. The district checks on the amount figure ever year because of the changes in employment in the school district. Employees get older, leave, and new employees are hired which continually changes the complexion of the faculty and staff in the district. This continually changes the liability and the district needs a specific amount of liability for budgeting purposes.

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